Reduce the cost on procurement of your company by up to 15% in the first month with Bidmart

Online tool for automation and transparency of procurement

Avoid contract procurement risk

Avoid the risk of overpriced procurements from regular distributors

Save on payment man-hours up to 5 times

Buy only from reliable suppliers

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What is Bidmart

This is a service for procurement management that allows you to automate and systematize all the procurement processes of companies of any size
No installation

No installation

You need a computer and the internet to use Bidmart
8 types of procedures

8 types of procedures

Allows to create procurements, collect offers, conduct online bidding on 8 types of procedures
Notification of suppliers

Notification of suppliers

Automatically sends notifications to suppliers
Procurement archive

Procurement archive

Collect and store all information (correspondence, exchange of documents, about employees, offers) for each procedure
Collection of proposals on the machine

Collection of proposals on the machine

Suppliers submit their offers through the system without taking your employee away from work
Competitive sheets generator

Competitive sheets generator

Automatically generates worksheets and reports for procurement
Suppliers Rating

Suppliers Rating

Accumulates the ratings of suppliers for each transaction

For whom Bidmart

How will your life change after the implementation of Bidmart
  • The procurement process will be transparent for owners
  • Once again confirm your effectiveness as a manager
  • Multiply reduce your time to control the procurement department
  • Eliminate the possibility of leakage of company money
  • Optimize the cost of man-hours in the procurement department
  • Get rid of headaches by working with trusted suppliers
  • Systematize, structure and store all information on each procurement for any audit
  • The base of suppliers will always remain in your company, employees will not carry it away after dismissal
  • Reduce your company's dependence on procurement staff
  • Get rid of unscrupulous employees before your reputation and that of your company is damaged

Order a free presentation of the system in 30 minutes at any time convenient for you

An expert will tell you:

  • What benefits your company will get from Bidmart
  • How to implement the system without changing the company's business processes
  • How to train employees to use the system confidently in 45 minutes
  • And answer all your questions

No need to buy

Bidmart is a service by subscription. No need to buy any software and equipment, no specialists are needed for implementation or support.

  • You only need a computer with internet access
  • Go to the, sign up in 9 minutes
  • From now, you can create and make procurements in the system
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Create procurements in 3 minutes

Flexible set-up of bidding procedures will allow to create procurements according to the usual logic in 3 steps, as before

  • 8 types of procurement procedures
  • Appointment of a responsible officer in each procurement
  • Choose from 4 settings for anonymity and privacy
  • Add files with specification or requirements
  • Unlimited number of items in the procurement
Bidmart Interface

Stop wasting time calling suppliers

Bidmart will automatically send out new purchase notifications to all your suppliers in 3 seconds

  • Creating a procurement, you indicate the category of goods to which it corresponds
  • Registering in the system, suppliers will choose the categories of goods for which they will receive notifications of new procurements
  • When the categories match, suppliers are notified
  • If you have problems with choosing a category, a proactive manager will always help you
Bidmart Interface 2
Suppliers will automatically receive a letter for every procurement you create
Bidmart Interface 3

Adding new suppliers in 3 clicks

Notify suppliers directly from the procurement or a whole list of all at a time.

  • When you initially set up your personal account to notify all regular suppliers now it is convenient for you to receive an offer through Bidmart. You just need to insert a list of their email addresses into the form and click the button. From now, all your suppliers will receive a notification in the mail.
  • Invite suppliers to make an offer in your specific procurement through the ready-made form. This is useful if there are not enough offers in an active procurement, you want to strongly get an offer from a specific supplier for a specific procurement, or you have found a new supplier with a good offer.

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Suppliers will no longer hang up the phone with the same questions

A separate chat is automatically created for communication with every procurement. Your questions and answers will be immediately visible to all suppliers. The whole story will be stored in a structured form forever.

Bidmart Interface 4

Multiple time savings

Chat is used for simultaneous communication with all suppliers, and to exchange of documents and files. After selecting the winner, the chat remains available only for you and the winner

Maximum transparency

The history and documents remain forever in the chat. It can not be deleted or changed. Make it rule, all correspondence and exchange of documents within the purchase should be conducted only in the chat. You will protect yourself against unnecessary questions and managements suspicions.

Possibility of clarification

There is a chat in the supplier card for private communication with an individual supplier.

Collect commercial offers automatically

There are 3 main mechanisms for getting the best offer: the procedure of lowering the price, collecting commercial offers and rebidding in Bidmart. All logic is based on the analysis of business processes for the procurement of 73 companies

Price reduction procedure

Use the “price reduction procedure” to get the best price. You set all conditions, and suppliers will be able to bargain on these conditions only to lower prices

Collection of commercial offers procedure

You roughly mean what and under what conditions you would like to buy. Suppliers will offer options for 7 parameters (analogues, delivery times, delivery, payment terms, etc.)

Rebidding procedure

Use the rebidding. Select the best offers and offer them a second round to improve the conditions or price. This procedure is the analogue of offline negotiations at the table after collecting proposals.

Our clients

1137 customers have been using Bidmart to engage in transparent online procurement procedures
My name is Ilya Korzhik. Im the commercial Manager of the project. I will personally make a presentation for you and answer all your questions. Your request will be sent to my personal mailbox, by passing all managers

All history and statistics are represented in a structured way

Each purchase contains a complete history of who created that purchase, with what conditions and requirements. Each action is tracked and recorded in the "History" block.

Purchase Details

All contact details and procurement details are available in the "Header" of the procurement


Chronology of all actions in the purchase are available ib the "History" section


In the "Statistics" block there is information about suppliers: how many notifications, views, participants and the number of offers received
Bidmart Interface 2

There is no point in manually creating competitive sheets

Accept all offers from suppliers using Bismart. The system will automatically prepare a report on them in the form of a summary table. You can print the report and save it in excel or pdf


Create competitive vendor proposal tables


Generate competitive sheets with one button


Report on the entire purchase with the signature and seal of CEO Bidmart in 2 clicks

Export reports

All reports and tables can be printed, downloaded in excel or pdf
Bidmart Interface 2

Work only with trusted suppliers

You have a 5-parameter rating for each vendor. It accumulates based on the collection of ratings for each deal by all users of the system

  • Set a rating on 5 parameters: timing, honesty, loyalty, communication, expertise
  • Leave detailed feedback to praise and recommend the vendor or describe your negative experience. The system will evaluate the supplier for each transaction.
  • When selecting a winning vendor, use their experience with other customers. The card of each supplier collects live feedback for the entire time of his work on Bidmart
Bidmart Interface 2


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The attentive expert Bidmart will train your employees for free on 10 procurements. The training program is compiled from the best practices of 73 companies. We have confidence in Bidmart we provide you with a triple guarantee of results

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100% refund for the first month

If you do not like anything in the first month, even the voice of our manager

100% refund for the first year

If Bidmart does not provide benefit. You will comply with expert recommendations and a checklist.

Your Benefit Calculator

Purchases per month
Number of purchases per month
Using Bidmart you will save up to 144 man-hours and up to 25200 € per year
These approximate calculations are based on real indicators obtained through the statistics of clients of the service in the Computers category for 2017 and 2018.

We do not guarantee the same performance for any other company.

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